FAQs – Rural Rising PH

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rural Rising's role in establishing economic sustainability between farmers and consumers?

Rural Rising is a social enterprise dedicated to spurring the rural economy and harnessing the potential of the countryside. It works to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by providing access to locally grown produce, creating impactful change in rural communities, and investing in agricultural opportunities.

The organization’s mission is to support rural Democrats running at the state and local levels with the policies and people their communities need to thrive. Rural Rising provides grant assistance through its Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE) Grants program, which offers funding for projects that create high-wage jobs, accelerate business formation, support industry clusters, and more.

The organization also connects consumers with locally grown produce through its online shop. This helps farmers increase their income by providing them with an additional market for their goods. Additionally, Rural Rising has moved over 2 million kilograms of produce since it was founded in 2018, helping to ensure economic sustainability between farmers and consumers.

Are all of your products organic and free of chemicals?

Yes, all our products are completely chemical-free. Unlike many imported products available today, we prioritize the exclusion of harmful chemicals and avoid using coatings like ‘light wax’ that are often employed to extend their shelf life.

How can I purchase Rural Rising's products?

You can purchase directly from our online store www.ruriclub.com and if you’re within Metro Manila, you can get a product delivered right to your door.  Likewise, we offer a pick up options right at our stores.

How can I chat with Rural Rising via Social Media?

You can reach out to us directly on social media:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Tiktok
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube

How many locations does Rural Rising have?

We currently have a total of 3 locations.  Click here to learn more about our locations. 

Does Rural Rising deliver products nationwide?

Currently, we only deliver in Metro Manila. We are currently in the works of various providers to expand our locations beyond Metro Manila later this year. Click here to be notified when this happens.

How do I become a Rural Rising founding member?

You can become a founding member from our online store www.ruriclub.com/membership